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In the old days before the COVID-19 pandemic began, your dentist and their team did a few things to prepare for each of their patients. Generally, they would wash their hands, don a fresh mask and pair of gloves, and be ready to start your appointment. That isn’t the case anymore, due to COVID-19. Nowadays, your dental team must take several additional safety precautions to keep their practice as germ-free as possible. Keep reading to learn what some of these precautions are.

Having a Safety Champion

Every day, a different member of your dental team will be designated that day’s “safety champion.” This person will be in charge of fielding questions from patients, enforcing social distancing, and making sure everyone is following the CDC’s and ADA’s (American Dental Association) recommended health and safety guidelines.

Changing Work Clothes at Work

Recent research has shown that when a member of your dental team changes into their scrubs at home, they can then unknowingly bring germs from home into the office with them, increasing the chances that patients become infected. Even if these germs aren’t the coronavirus, this practice can still be dangerous. That’s why you’ll no longer see your dentist and their staff wearing their scrubs outside the office, instead changing once they get to work and again before they leave.

Wearing Additional PPE

In the past, it may have been enough to wear a fresh pair of gloves and a mask, but that simply isn’t enough during a pandemic. These days, your dentist will be wearing double face masks as well as a face shield for good measure. Additionally, they might be wearing surgical gowns and shoe coverings to protect the rest of their body from germs.

Evaluating the Staff’s Health Daily

When your dental team arrives at the office every morning, another staff member will ask them questions about their recent health and if they are exhibiting any coronavirus-like symptoms. Their temperature will also be taken. If any member’s health is not up to par, they will be sent home in order to keep the rest of the team and patients healthy.

Your dentist takes the health of their patients incredibly seriously, especially during COVID-19. That’s why you can rest assured that their team is taking every possible precaution to keep you safe during your appointment. If you have questions about your dentist’s safety protocols, just give them a call.

About the Author

Dr. D. Michael Miller pursued his doctorate at Texas A&M and the Baylor College of Dentistry. his career in dentistry spans 24 years and counting. His practice in San Antonio follows all of these safety protocols and more to keep you safe from COVID-19. To learn more about just how safe Dr. Mike’s practice is, you can contact him at 210-341-3181.