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Let Us Take Care of You and Your Family

At our dental office in Oak Hills, San Antonio, Dr. D. Michael Miller and Dr. Dennis Miller strive to combine the best of what’s old and new when it comes to dentistry. Before large, corporate offices started popping up and churning through patients as fast as possible, there were local family-owned practices like ours who focused on forming trusting relationships with all of their patients. Here, you will get to benefit from a father and son team who are completely dedicated to treating you like a living, breathing person, not just a number on a spreadsheet.

Of course, we firmly have a foot in the present as well, which is why we offer the latest dental services and use only the most advanced techniques. When this all comes together with our fantastic team, you get a dental experience unlike any other. We are ready to take care of every member of your family whether they are young or just young at heart. At every visit, we know we will give you plenty of reasons to smile!

Dr Mike and his wife

Trustworthy & Honest

When a patient comes to see us, the last thing they ever need to worry about is our team trying to convince them to get a treatment they don’t want or need. We take the time to get to know our patients so we can base their treatment plans on his or her dental needs and goals. We’ll explain everything in a language easily understood, so every patient has peace of mind.

110% Focused on You

At most other practices, they are happy to rush you through your appointments, upsell at every opportunity, and attempt to treat 10 patients at the same time. That could not be more different from how we do things! When you come to see us, you will have our undivided attention, and we will make you feel like you are our only patient of the day. Not only will this make your appointments more relaxing, but it will also enable us to better personalize your care!

High-Quality Results

When dentistry is done the right way, it looks great, feels even better, and can be trusted to last for decades to come. That’s the only kind of dentistry we provide our patients because frankly, you deserve it! Our goal is to take such good care of you that the next time you eat, speak, laugh, or smile, the absolute last thing on your mind will be your teeth. We will work to always exceed your expectations at every visit.

American flag

We Support Active Duty Military and Veterans

The men and women who volunteer to defend our country overseas deserve only the best, and that includes their dental care! Our practice is a staunch supporter of active-duty military and veterans. We proudly work with the VA to help take care of our veterans’ dental issues. When you put yourself in harm’s way like our military does, the least we can do is make sure they have a beautiful, healthy smile!

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