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Our Dental Technology & Comforts

Modern dental technology is truly amazing. To see evidence of that, you need to look no further than our practice. With the tools below, we are able to find dental issues sooner, treat them faster, and keep patients more comfortable throughout the entire process. Sounds pretty nice, right? Keeping our facility on the cutting edge of dentistry is just another way we offer our patients the best in dental care here in San Antonio. Read on to learn more.

happy patient at dentist office

Intraoral Camera

We are always thrilled to use our intraoral camera because it enables us to finally show a patient their smile from their dentist’s perspective. This small, pen-sized camera fits easily within the mouth, and the images it captures can be instantly displayed on a nearby monitor. You will be amazed at how many things you will learn about your smile just by looking at the images– they will take a lot of the mystery out of your dental care.

Digital X-Rays

We use X-rays every day to help us catch dental problems that may be hidden from the naked eye, and thanks to the advent of digital dentistry, this tool is now better than ever. Digital X-rays can create crystal clear images in seconds, plus they expose patients (and us!) to 80% LESS radiation compared to a traditional dental X-ray. The images can even be blown up, rotated, and color-coded so you can easily go over them with your dentist.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Does going to the dentist make you feel a bit anxious? Do you need an extensive amount of dental work? In either case, oral conscious sedation can help your appointment seemingly fly by in an instant. We will prescribe a pill for you to take about an hour before you’re scheduled to come see us so that by the time you sit in the chair, you will already be completely mentally and physically relaxed. You will remain awake, but time will go by very quickly. You will likely have little to no memory of your visit afterward (which is just perfect for some patients!).

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