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General Dentistry Services in San Antonio & Castroville, TX

At Michael Miller DDS, we offer a comprehensive range of general dentistry services to meet the needs of patients of all ages. Our state-of-the-art facility offers a wide range of general dentistry services designed to meet the needs of every family member, from the youngest to the oldest. Our dedicated team combines years of expertise with the latest in dental technology to offer you the best in dental check-ups and cleanings, digital X-rays, periodontal gum therapy, oral cancer screenings, and tooth-colored fillings.

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Dental Check-ups and Cleanings

Regular dental check-ups and professional cleanings are crucial for maintaining your oral health. At D. Michael Miller, DDS, we emphasize the importance of preventative care to detect and address potential issues before they escalate. Our gentle and thorough cleaning process removes plaque and tartar buildup, preventing cavities and periodontal disease. Schedule your next appointment to keep your smile bright and healthy.

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Digital X-Rays: Advanced Diagnostic Tools

Experience the difference that digital X-rays make in diagnosing and treating dental issues with precision and ease. Utilizing the latest in digital X-ray technology, our team can accurately assess your dental health with minimal exposure to radiation. These detailed images are essential for identifying hidden problems and crafting precise treatment plans. Digital X-rays allow for a quicker, safer, and more comfortable dental visit.

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Periodontal Gum Therapy & Oral Cancer Screenings

Periodontal gum therapy is crucial for preventing and treating gum disease. Our clinic offers specialized periodontal therapy to treat and manage gum disease at any stage. From deep cleaning procedures like scaling and root planning to ongoing maintenance, we’re equipped to protect your gums and prevent further complications. We strive to provide peace of mind with comprehensive screenings that can detect early signs of oral cancer. Early detection of oral cancer significantly increases treatment success rates. Our comprehensive oral cancer screenings are quick, painless, and could be lifesaving. We use advanced screening technologies to identify any signs of cancer, providing you with peace of mind and early intervention options.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Say goodbye to unsightly metal fillings. Our clinic specializes in tooth-colored fillings that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. These fillings not only restore the function of your tooth but also maintain its natural appearance. It’s the perfect combination of health and aesthetics. Don’t wait for dental issues to arise. Schedule your visit today and take the first step towards a healthier, brighter smile.

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